Download Mushoku Tensei Light Novel all volume pdf

You can now Download Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Light Novel all volume pdf

  1. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.1 ———-Download
  2. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.2 ———-Download
  3. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.3 ———- Download
  4. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.4 ———- Download
  5. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.5 ———- Download
  6. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.6 ———- Download
  7. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.7 ———- Download
  8. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.8 ———- Download
  9. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.9 ———- Download
  10. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.10 ——– Download
  11. Mushoku Tensei:Jobless Reincarnation Vol.11 ——– Download

Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (無職転生 〜異世界行ったら本気だす〜, literally “Jobless Reincarnation: I Will Seriously Try If I Go To Another World”), is a Japanese web novel series by Rifujin na Magonote[Jp. 1] and is published on internet web novel website Shōsetsuka ni Narō (Shortened to Syosetu) about a jobless, hopeless man who dies in an accident and reincarnates in a fantasy world, this time determined to have a bountiful and earnest life. It was serialized between November 22, 2012 and April 3, 2015. A year later, it was announced the series would receive a light novel release under Media Factory’s MF Books imprint; the illustrations are done by a Pixiv user called SiroTaka[Jp. 2]. A manga adaptation by Yuka Fujikawa began serialization in the June 2014 issue of Monthly Comic Flapper. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the tankōbon volumes of the manga for localization in North America. The company also has licensed the original light novels. On Syosetu’s rankings, the web novel has made cumulative appearances as the most popular work on the website.[1] An anime adaptation has been announced.

A 34-year-old Japanese NEET is kicked out of his house following the death of his parents. He intercepts a speeding truck heading towards a group of teenagers and pulls one of them out of the way before dying. Awakening in a baby’s body, he realizes he has been reincarnated in a world of sword and sorcery. While initially indulging in his perversion, he resolves to become successful in his new life, discarding his past identity for his new life as Rudeus Greyrat. Due to his genetic factor and early training, Rudeus becomes highly skilled at magic. During his childhood, he becomes a student of Roxy Migurdia, friend to Sylphiette, and teacher to Eris Boreas Greyrat. Shortly after, a teleportation catastrophe scatters many people around the world, and Rudeus resolves to escort Eris home. During his journey, Rudeus receives advice from the mysterious Human-God and befriends Ruijerd Supardia. Successfully escorting Eris home, a misunderstanding with her leaves Rudeus heartbroken.

Two years later, the incident with Eris has made Rudeus impotent. He enrolls in Ronoa Magic University under the Human-God’s advice to cure himself. There, he is reunited with Sylphiette who cures his impotency and the two are wedded shortly after. Rudeus receives a request to join his father’s quest to save his mother, and ignores the Human-god’s advice to do so. During the quest, he develops a romantic relationship with Roxy and takes her as his second wife. He is then visited by a dying future version of himself, warning him the Human-God will cause the deaths of everyone he cares about. In order to appease the Human-God, Rudeus attempts to kill one of his enemies, a warrior named Orsted but fails; instead, Rudeus offers his allegiance to Orsted in exchange for his family’s protection. Shortly after, Rudeus takes Eris as his third wife.

The series continues episodically with a series of story arcs based around Rudeus work with Orsted to ensure the Human-God’s precised demise, as well as his daily life and growing family. After a large scale attack on Rudeus’ life fails, the Human God gives up on his plans against him, opting to scheme against Rudeus’ descendants instead. Rudeus lives the rest of his life in peace before his death at the age of 74.

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